When You Need to Board a Dog with Separation Anxiety

Many dog owners presumably wish that their four-legged babies could talk. It would make life easier in some respects, although perhaps more complicated in others. But even though they can't directly state how they're feeling at any given moment, most dog owners are pretty darn skilled when it comes to reading their pet's mood. Separation anxiety can be rather obvious depending on its severity, but it might also be the case that you're blissfully  unaware of how much your dog frets when you're away. Read More 

Prevent Pining Pets: 3 Technology Treats To Put An End To Canine Kennel Sadness

Christmas is only three months away, and some boarding kennels are already putting out the "full" sign as proactive parents book in their pets well in advance. The time to make a booking for your canine buddy is now, while you still have a choice of the best kennels on offer. However, as you have never left your puppy behind while you holiday before, you are concerned about your pet pining for you while you are away. Read More 

4 Important Features for Your Ideal Cat Boarding Facility

If you need to travel without your cat, your first option may be to find a neighbour or friend to sit the cat in your house. This is preferred because cats don't like change. However, sometimes you may have no option but to find a boarding facility to host your cat. The choice of boarding facility must be carefully weighed against the needs of your cat. If your cat isn't comfortable in their temporary home, they may refuse to eat or even fall sick. Read More