Prevent Pining Pets: 3 Technology Treats To Put An End To Canine Kennel Sadness

Christmas is only three months away, and some boarding kennels are already putting out the "full" sign as proactive parents book in their pets well in advance. The time to make a booking for your canine buddy is now, while you still have a choice of the best kennels on offer. However, as you have never left your puppy behind while you holiday before, you are concerned about your pet pining for you while you are away. Use these tips, and a couple of pieces of technology, to make sure your dog doesn't even notice you have gone.

Video chat

Dogs get upset when their owners leave, and their upset can last from a few minutes to a few hours. Distressed behaviour which includes whining and howling is upsetting to everyone around your puppy. While boarding kennel staff are well versed in how to comfort an anxious dog, using technology can help remind your dog you are close by (even when you aren't).

A boarding kennel facility which embraces the use of doggy Facetime, update videos and access to real time video of your dog provides comfort to both you and your pet. While your dog won't quite understand why their master's face is behind the tablet glass, they will recognise your voice and your comforting words.

Automatic toy launcher

Your canine buddy won't spend all of their time in their assigned kennel. There will be play time with other pets out in the communal yard. But, to relieve the boredom while they are back in solitary, why not take along an automatic toy launcher to relieve the boredom.

Toy launchers that automatically fling soft, small balls into your pets play area will keep them bouncing around their confines for as long as their carer thinks is needed. This extra exercise also ensures a good night' sleep at the end of their busy day.

Talking dog toys

Finally, consider buying a sound stimulating toy or two to keep your pet company while you are away. At your local pet store, you can purchase balls that say phrases, rubber tires that make animal noises, and even balls that whistle when thrown. These toys and their noise will keep your canine friend happily distracted.

Finally, talk to the staff at your preferred boarding kennel about what tips they have for your dog's first holiday away from home. They are well skilled in dealing with lonely dogs, and will have further advice for you and your pet.